Wine climate control cabinet Xi Cool Pro

The new generation of wine climate cabinets
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Wine cabinet Xi Cool Pro

Xi Cool – the new generation of wine climate control cabinets presents wines in a way that promotes sales at the ideal drinking temperature and supports perfect wine service and optimal wine storage.
With the patented Xi interior, the bottles are stored at the correct angle of inclination. The cork is wetted, the air bubble is in a confined space in the shoulder of the bottle and the deposit is collected in the angle of the bottom of the bottle, which enables fast decanting without a long waiting time. With the Xi Cool Pro, a unique device has been created that wine lovers have been waiting for. Incl. 10 Xi full-extension drawers of your choice.

Xi Weinsysteme -

Unique advantages

• Optimal tilt angle for all bottles: Moistened cork at any time, air bubble in the bottle shoulder, wine dregs accumulated in the bottom corner
• Perfekt overview: View on the labels to avoid extensive searching
• Efficiency: Up to 130 direct accessible bottles plus 43 bottles bulk storage, simple stocktaking
• Universal system: Suitable for 99% of all bottle types & sizes (until 6 litres)
• Modular principal: adjustable and expandable according to needs; flexible combinable accessories


Xi Ebene

For up to 13 x 0.75 L bottles or 9 x 1.5 L bottles, not extractable.
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Xi Ebene short bottles

For up to 20 short bottles up to 260mm, not extendable.
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Adapter short bottles

Attachable adapter for short bottles 0.2 - 0.375 L.
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Xi Gusto full extension 90°

Full extension Xi Gusto/Cuvee 90° rotated, frontal presentation (special guidance)
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Xi DoubleM full extension

Bottle support basket DoubleM for up to 4 x 3-6L bottles
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Xi Etagere

Shelf with support angles for boxes and wooden boxes, not extendable.
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Xi Stock full extension

Storage basket for up to 36 x 0.75 L Bottles
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Xi Select full extension

For cartons, wooden boxes and wine accessories
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Xi Gusto full extension

For up to 13 x 0.75 L or 9 x 1.5 L open bottles.
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