The future of wine storage in gastronomy

From the wine rack to the wine climate cabinet to the air-conditioned wine room – directly in the guest room or classically as a wine cellar.

Xi wine systems

The patented X-idea - The all-rounder for the catering trade

Especially in gastronomy, a stylish ambience is crucial for the guest. A skilful presentation of the noble wine selection, made for every bottle shape, contributes significantly to this. Our customers talk about up to 30% more wine sales.

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The wine must be easy to look at and, of course, the humidity also plays an important role. Everyone is a bit of a label drinker and when guests choose a wine, it looks much more appealing.

Matthias Scheyer
Amberg Castle, Austria
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“80% of the guests stop and have a look at what wines we have. So we have a basis for conversation right away, which is of course beneficial for the company as well as for the guest.”

Lukas Fürst
Individual planning & furnishing

We help from concept to installation


Whether by phone, video or in person. Our wine storage specialists know that a precise analysis of the wishes and circumstances is the basis of a successful project.

Individual solution

Based on many years of experience and a passion for design and functionality, convincing ideas are created with the best products for professional wine storage. Incl. 3D visualisation.

Delivery & Assembly

Due to the high stock availability, a quick implementation is possible. Whether self-assembly or assembly by us - best quality is guaranteed. This is what we stand for with our name.

Xi Walk-in

Tailor-made – exclusively planned and manufactured

Perfect presentation & storage

Your perfect wine storage system - Individually, safely and professionally built by us

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