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elegant-simple, functional wine storing
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Xi Wall: The elegant, simple wine rack

Xi wine systems are synonymous with perfect wine presentation and storage. They combine professional viticulture and optimal wine enjoyment. For the private wine cellar, the gastronomy, the wine shop or the wine trade. Wine connoisseurs choose Xi wine systems because Xi presents wines from their best side. Having your own wine cellar is the dream of every wine lover. The elegant, simple wine rack made of wood and metal.

Xi Weinsysteme -

Unique advantages

• Perfect tilt angle for all bottles: Moistened cork at any time, air bubble in the bottle shoulder, wine dregs accumulated in the bottom corner
• Perfect overview: View on the labels to avoid extensive searching
• Efficiency: Up to 30 bottles storage capacity (per element with 700 mm / 27.56″ height)
• Direct access up to the last bottle
• Simple stocktaking
• Universal system: 99% of all bottle types 0,5 – 1,5 l
• Modular principal: Expandable according to (changing) needs
• European high-quality product: Austrian inventino, European production, dampproof product: Ideally suited for moist cellar rooms through high quality materials
• Combinable with Xi Counter / Xi Rack or wall mounted, avaiable MDF, hardwood (Oak) or glass cover for Xi Counter


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